Why We Created The Crashtest Security Certificate

Too often we see businesses react to threats instead of proactively preventing them.

With the Crashtest Security certificate, we provide trusted proof that continuous security has been implemented.

Businesses with the Crashtest Security Certificate can demonstrate to their customers that they are proactively protecting them and their data with regular state of the art security scanning. 


Customers that trust us:

How do we get certified?

To become Crashtest Security certified you must display a commitment to continually testing your web application(s) for vulnerabilities.

Our criteria to become certified:

  • Registered Crashtest Security User
  • Schedule Regular Vulnerability Scans (Minimum of 1 per month)
  • Run full Scope scans to ensure all attack vectors are accounted for
  • Minimum One Year testing commitment
The Crashtest Security Certificate reassures our customers that we are implementing an ongoing security strategy and taking every step to protect their data.

Kay Mathiesen CEO, Lemon Systems GmbH

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What is Continuous Security?

No software can be 100% impenetrable, by continually auditing, scanning and testing your security with every update you can work towards creating the most secure application that is possible.

Crashtest Security provides software developers with an automated vulnerability scanning software for web applications and APIs. Securing each deployment is a big step towards continuous security.

Here is our full guide to Continuous Security

You must be a registered user to be certified

Who we are

We are a Munich-based cyber security company, passionate about Cyber Security and developing a safer web. We help companies across the globe establish a security baseline through continuous testing.

Our software provides fully automated security scanning for your whole web application portfolio: detailed, accurate, easy to implement and can be integrated directly into your CI/CD pipeline.